Why do I need this ?

Multiple DEaprtments

Route calls based on customer requirement. Caller pressed 1 ring all extensions in sales group, when pressed 2 route to support ring group and ring all extension in suport group

Never Miss Calls

Not available to take calls ! No problem Let them hear your company welcome greeting then set it to go to voicemail, receive voicemails in email or listen it on user portal.

Professional Image

Virtual receptionist, it’s a useful and cost-effective feature that automates the incoming call process. Thank you for calling ABC Company for sales, press 1, for support press 2, etc..

Does your company sound like it professional business or a Mom & Pop operation ?

Improve Bottom Line

Project Professional image of your business to your callers without investing hundreds of dollars on hardware and sofrware. Easy to use truely small business phone system.

You just need IP-Phone/Softphone and internet connection to make and receive calls. Managed PBX plan comes with 24x7 Support, so you don't need to worry about any down time..

Optimize Marketing Channels

Get multiple numbers and use seperate number for each marketing channels website, PPC, AdWords, social media, emails, print, radio, billboard, and more, receive calls as usual on single Device .

You will easily figure out which advertising plan is suites you. Don't need to manage all numbers individually, they can be managed from single point

Pricing plans

Frequently Asked Questions

  • do I need to buy any Hardware of Software?

    • You just need IP-Phone and internet connection preferably broadband. You can also use softphone on desktop and phones

  • can i switch to higher plan when i need to add more extensions ?

    • Yes, you can switch any time, just inform us, we will migrate your account to higher plan, 20 minutes downtime required

  • Can i ring on multiple devices simultaneously like my home phone and cell phone?

    • Yes, you can set it to ring your Office extesnions, home phone and your cell phone at same time, There will be additional charges when call pickedup on other phones.

  • What is included in managed plan ?

    • Managed plan includes full support when you want to add extension, change IVR greeting or call routing just open a ticket

  • is there any support included in unmanaged plan?

    • Unmanaged plan doesn't come with any support however if there is any problem in VPS, we will take care on that.

  • is there any calling minutes or Phone number included in Plan?

    • In general no, plans don't come with calling minutes and DID number, though sometimes during our promotion campaigns we offer FREE DID Number

Honorable Clients

  • Felipe Gómez

    - Subgerente Ejecutivo Ingecall

    El conocimiento que tiene Ajit sobre asterisk y linux en general es altísimo. Posee una alta capacidad para resolver los problemas de telefonía de manera ágil y efectiva. Es muy responsable en su trabajo. A mi empresa le sirvieron bastante sus servicios.

  • Duane Siebert

    - TonnerRefillKits.com

    For over a month I had been struggling with finding someone who knew Asterisk hosted PBX and everyone (up until I found Ajit, that is...) who claimed they were experts clearly were anything but. Ajit spent nearly two hours on a chat with me and he showed himself to be a true master of exactly the tech area I had been looking for.

  • Bruno Milani

    - Dreamlines GmbH

    I can recommend Ajit as a person with great skills and deep expertise in Asterisk and VoIP. Ajit helped me to fix my PBX within few minutes. He was a fantastic person to work with. Ajit is a wise person and a manager who cares for customer's whether its first time or regular customer, small or large.

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